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Mar. 30th, 2005

Gawd, I don't know why people have parties. I only had one last night because I am required to host one a year to be a member of Bunco. LOL I am so exhausted today. I visited seven stores yesterday. I first went to Super Target to buy provisions for the party. I also looked there for dining chair cushions. I then went to Borders in a search of a book for the Bunco Booby Prize. I got a snotty sales girl who acted like I was mentally deficient for thinking it was a book just because it was classified under games. So I sauntered over to Barnes & Noble where a lovely gentleman found me the book. I so contemplated taking it back to Borders and shoving it up the girl's nose, but I needed it snot-free for the party. Later I again went in search of cushions - to Anna's Linens, Kohl's and Garden Ridge, where I finally hit the jackpot. I found pretty ones that go nicely with my dining room and they were 2 for $10. Can't beat that! And then I went to Albertson's for wine and a veggie tray. I didn't have that much to do around the house, which was nice. And I planned a low-prep menu. Perhaps I'll try to be a little more ambitious next year. But it's expensive serving a meal for 12 people! I served curried chicken salad on mini-croissants, with "gourmet" potato chips and a veggie tray, apple crisp for dessert. A little lackluster, eh?

I was so tired when everyone left that I just wanted to collapse into bed but for some reason last night the dog was being an ass. M had to get up at about 3:30 this morning for work. So I had decided to sleep with the boys on B's bottom bunk so he'd get good rest for the few hours he got to sleep. But at midnight I moved into there, thinking maybe the dog just wanted to be in his normal sleeping spot or something. It didn't help. I don't know what his malfunction was. When he finally settled down I got a smidge of sleep and then M's alarm went off. And to top it all off, B woke me up about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. *cries* Fortunately, fate smiled upon me and H stayed asleep while we took B to school. So I took him back to bed and laid down with him and got another hour or so.

I've cleaned up most of the party but I'm slow today. Thankfully, it's not too bad - a few dishes to wash and some trash to toss. I'll get to it . . . eventually. LOL I will, though. One thing I have learned from having the house clean is that it is much easier to keep up with now. I can't let it slip away.


Clean house
Buy food, wine
Buy book
Wash clothes to wear for Bunco
Clean bedroom
Buy paper goods and gift packaging
Mop floors
Shop for dining chair cushions
Clean and mow back yard

Pray for mercy. In my defense I didn't know I was going to be stuck mowing the yard. :(

Jan. 27th, 2005

I'm finally going to finish reading, and even better doing the exercises in Spiritual Housecleaning. I've had it for quite some time but I've never had my act together enough to do it. Now I feel ready. I'll likely do a lot of ruminating about it here.

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This is gettin' weird. You have to understand, I have never been a "good housekeeper." We've always been a very cluttered, very messy family. That has increased with each addition to the family. But lately . . . I don't know what it is. I've been cleaning. My routine lately has been to get up and get B to school. Then I come home and have breakfast, feed H and putter around on the computer til about 10:00. Then I do 20 on, 20 off. I've made tremendous progress! Today I had to take Ralphie to the vet at 11:00. We got back and I've been farting around, had lunch, played on the puter. but then I just had to get up. I set the timer and hit the kitchen. It's amazing how much more quickly it shaped up! I feel much better. But weird. Verrrrry weird.

Jan. 20th, 2005

I didn't get a whole lot done today. I went to lunch with a friend. But I cleaned up the living room before I left and everything else was good! Our couch was repaired today. That was nice. The arms are constructed from these square-shaped sticks of wood. Well, one of them had a big honking knot in it! And that's where it had snapped. So it's as good as new now!

I went and bought a timer today so that I can work back in the bedrooms. I usually use the timer on the microwave but I wouldn't hear that back there. Scary. I don't know how people keep immaculate homes. This is killing me physically, but mentally it's a tremendous improvement. So I'll keep on keeping on...

Saturday will be nice. M is taking the boys to the Monster Jam truck show and I get to stay home. Mmmm. Then I am going to a crop from 6:00 until midnight. Yay for a mommy day!
I never finished the living room yesterday. M came home from work as I was cleaning it and wanted to go out to eat. Which was fine by me as it kept me from adding to the kitchen. I haven't begun working yet but 20 on/20 off all day really gets a lot done and I usually begin around 10:00. So today I'll finish that up and do Henry's room at least.

Brandon got all heebie-jeebie from rinsing his mouth this morning and threw up. He aimed at the toilet but from a standing position. Yeah. So let's just say I am washing the shower curtain this morning. I do love having my dryer back so that I can dry things like that on a low setting.

Off to work!
I got nothing done yesterday. B had the day off and having both kids home always throws me off. Henry will spend the day playing and/or watching TV, just doing things to keep himself busy. I love that about him. B was never like that and still isn't, he likes to be kept company. Right now Henry is busy "reading" our new Harry Potter books that arrived today. And when I have both, they fight and play all over the house and I just don't get a lot done because I am overseeing them.

So anyway I have about got the house back to where it was on Friday. I just need to clean the living room! Then I can hopefully get completely caught up on laundry and get all the bedrooms clean by week's end.

Something weird is happening with the cleaning. I still hate it but it's sort of like exercise now. I feel so much better when I am done. And I sort of enjoy not the cleaning itself but the process. Watching the house transform. I really need to do the exercise too, though! LOL
woo! On a 20 minute break and boy am I beat! I've been working steadily today though and have accomplished much. The kitchen is clean, although it needs to be swept again. The bathroom is clean and the living room is almost there. I did the dining room yesterday and it didn't get re-messed so it still looks pretty good. Just to need to pick up a couple of things. I've also squeezed in some laundry although it's things like the bathroom rugs and a comforter. But they needed the washing. Now if I can keep this all from devolving into total chaos over the weekend I can move on to the bedrooms next week and I'm sure I can catch up on the laundry too. I think one more 20 minute session today will be sufficient, that'll finish up the "public" parts of the house.

I'm going to hit Garden Ridge today and buy a new rug for the living room and check out their decor stuff. Also need to swing by Target and grab some pull-ups for Henry. The rug we originally purchased has fallen apart which really peeves me. I'm just going to get a 5x7 piece of Berber that GR has for $19.99. That way if it falls apart or gets kool-aid spilled I won't be as traumatized. Then when the boys are old enough we can invest in a "real" rug for that room.

I'm going to cook salmon tonight for dinner and then I have a small pork roast that I will stick in the crockpot in the morning. If I can ever get my shit together I'd like to bake some bread on a regular basis but tomorrow I am gonna throw a mix in the bread machine. That's cheating! Oh well.

I really want to hit the antique stores tomorrow. We need stuff for the living room and I don't want to just go randomly pick shit because it'll work. I have a vision for that room and I am going to take my time and hunt until I find just the right things...

Jan. 13th, 2005

Argh. Just argh. Henry went into the bathroom to poo. Usually you can trust him to poo and call when he's done. Not today though. I went to check on him after a couple of minutes and the smell hit me. No, not the fresh scent of poo but the smell of my carpet cleaner. We keep the doggie carpet cleaner in that bathroom for easy access and he took it out and sprayed it all over the counter (and everything on it) as well as the mirror. *sigh* I really did have enough to do today Henry, I promise.

I'm trying something new today. Instead of doing 20/20 I am hitting a room and not stopping until that room is done. Then I get a 30 minute break. I'm hoping to get more accomplished in this way.

I finally called today and ordered our recycling bins. That will help immensely with the trash issue in the pantry. That can fills up so fast and much of it is recyclable. So now I have two bins on the way to deal with that.

I'm determined to get this house clean. I'm starting to feel affected by the chaos. Don't want that. And it's manageable right now. Don't want it to get overwhelming like the old house...
I've not been updating here. Shame on me.

I got off to an excellent start today but petered out as the day progressed. Still pecking away at the laundry though. I have a metric ton of it to catch up on. My goal is to have this house in tip top shape by the weekend. Easily doable. I have visions of a spotless home with scented candles burning and myself curled up on the couch with a glass of wine.

It's helped to pack all of the holiday decorations away. They don't seem to be that obtrusive until I take them down. Then I exhale and have a mental stretch of sorts. Like my universe just expanded ever so slightly. Now I have a small dilemma. I have this shelf thing. Whatever was on it at the other house isn't going to work here. Plus it had this big fake plant on it that I got rid of. So here it was filled with seasonal decor, Halloween, then fall, then Xmas. So now it's bare and I have to fill it. :/ No idea what I am looking for. Maybe I'll know when I see it...

Dinner time! Tonight's menu: spaghetti and salad